An adventurous tour looking for seals and other sea animals. Discover what you didn’t know about the sea, both above and below water! The boats of the Wadvissersgilde will take you to the most beautiful places of the Wadden Sea, which you can’t see from the dyke. You will be visiting the Wieringer grounds and will be told about this special area.

During the trip, the seabed will be trawled and the marine life hoisted onboard to uncover what hides beneath. From crawly crabs to glassy shrimps, you will have the opportunity to admire these sea animals from up close. Above water fom the ship deck, further sea life is clearly visible, including thousands of sea birds of all sorts and sizes. At low tide you can spot seals relaxing on the sand banks. Investigate the sea with binoculars, sniff the salty air, enjoy the sun and the serene calmness. This is the most ultimate and adventurous tour!

For who: For all ages
Duration: 2 hours
Departure: Oostkade Den Oever (at the red flag)
Sailing times 2022:

There will be no sailing in 2022


Costs 2022: Adults € 13,50 each
Children up to 7 y.o € 10,- each
Tickets available onboard
Only cash
Book now: +31 (0)630 45 66 55